Gold Portal is LIVE

Enough said :slight_smile:


A little late arenโ€™t we ? :3


checks watch



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Return the fuel and content of the boxes!

Coin u can afford to coffee instead of sugar.


Thanks for portal, the difficulty is well balanced.

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THX yesssssssss now i can have tons of gold

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of course a gold portal comes when my money problems are already over

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Why does not the portal give boxes? I have made the portal more than 30 times and not a single box

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Because it gives gold.


but it also says that it gives boxes 0-1 like the other for answering

The mission tooltip lies, just like every other mission tooltip.

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Thanks for the answers. finished

@Sarah247 I felt this gold portal was better than previous ones, so gg about it.

You are correct, Flux, but only up to a point. The lie relates to the amount displayed. It is always less gold than advertised. However, the gold output from the portal IS NOT RANDOM AT ALL. And the gold portal DOES drop boxes. However:

  1. Each gold portal box is translated into gold, and as with all missions, we are bound with the standard box droprates.
  2. Therefore, we assume the following 3 drops:
    A. No drop at all - the portal yields what is displayed in the summary screen of the mission (circa 9700). No bonus at all.
    B. Regular box - equivalent of the mixed box. You receive additional 12 k or so INSTEAD OF THE BOX, plus what is displayed (that makes about 22-24 k gold in total)
    C. Fortune box - this translates into the hefty 54+k gold INSTEAD OF THE BOX, plus the final yield, which adds up to circa 63-65k gold.
    And this is it. The whole secret. Note down the numbers you receive and you will see they are not random at all. And if we consider the above, the info 0-1 box is not a lie. You land a box or not (as in regular mission), but each box is translated into cash. I hope this answers your doubts, @del_universo_infinit.
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