Gold Portal is live!


Gold Portal is live! Find the portal on the map and enjoy your free money! (and 45 tokens)

@sarah247 move this to news :blush:


Thank you, @Sarah247! :grin:


the portal is actually worse…It does’t give money as it used to(used to give almost 29k almost every time on insane, now barely gives 10k)


Just do it one time lol


Can give 67 k sometimes
(no i m not speaking about first runs)

Well at least there is an event


Seems OK to me… got a lot of 28,000s so far and one 67,000… you might have just hit a rough patch… happens sometimes


what are you talking about?
it gives me like 64k.


its gives me 100k lol


not all the time…
for me almost 50% are 10k,50% are 28k, and only 1 run has been 67k


ah, well just bad luck is what i guess.
i get 64k around 80% of the time.


opps sorry the portal gives like 114k lol


I’m thinking it’s about a 50/40/10 split


normal 11k hard 34k insane 64k its this


sure bro,sure bro its totally free


Well, tell me how much you paid to get that money?


Wow Gold Portal started on Thuesday or it continues 2 days :smiley:
I don’t bothered about… and forgotten 45 tokens XD

Let’s get them !


It was a day late because they released the new paints instead.


Someone knows what item portal will be?
Scope or hammer, or… heat legs xd

For last IP’s they made so spin with them…

Dynamite Boots!

guys the new item portal is next?
plzz if any one knows tell me
and thanks all :smiley:


@modemer @Meriaton

None of us have any idea when the next item portal will be except for Sarah. Except for the fact that it will most likely be on a Thursday.

You will have to see if there is one in a few hours or in a week.