Gold portal is LIVE! Shiny Abyss!



where are the lightning scope portal and the premium box sale…




Cmon…right when I did all my fuels.


Should one keep doing the portals after finishing each difficultly?

  • Yes, it’s worth it
  • No, it’s not worth it

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Not worth anymore…


What is this Portal for?


Just play one time for tokens and one chance to get 69k of gold, after that its useless… Before they nerfed it too, it gives away tons of gold, now its just play for tokens… TS can be a real MOTHER… sometimes… Those idiots destroy their own game…


Just do it for tokens,that’s all.


You cannot ask that question putting all portals together as the same.
The answer is like this:

Yes for both gold and item portals before the 50% increase in portal costs.
Now with those increased costs and the terribly bad payout it is different:

  • No for gold portal. With the high chances to mostly get the minimum gold 14-15k from a run it is better to play Overlord’s Den Mission 6 for gold than to run the gold portal.
  • Yes for item portals. But depending on the drop rates you get from the boxes you obtain it is questionable if you should use refills now. So it depends on luck if it is worth investing tokens into it.


Did a little math. Do the portal only for tokens. After that stop.

If you continue doing the portal after completion, you don’t get as much as OD6 in insane. In OD6, you get more and it is faster to complete.

I get 73 max fuel. One try in that of OD6 I get 8685. I can do 11 tries in OD6, with that fuel. Times that by 8685 you get 95,535.

In the portal in hard you 11,350, with 6 tries. (The first try I get more.) Times that 11,350 to 6 and you get 68100.

In insane, you get less.


15 votes so far and EVERYONE AGREES (100%) that Gold Portals beyond the intiial completion at each difficulty are useless

Well, I’m hoping they have something else planned

They’re losing so many Tokens leaving it as is… this goes for Item Portals too


For Item or Gold Portals?

If Item Portals, I would smash. If Gold Portals, nope. Never again until I finish each difficulty ONCE.