Gold portal is Live, 15.01

Another one…i need items, not coins

Dude really? You get 45 tokens out of it, beside the gold.
If you want items, go for RB, the drop of mix boxes is about 8/10 runs.And sometimes you get a nice FB, that if lucky may get you a nice yellow legendary.
Don’t complain about free tokens.


You mean that first beating of Item Portal wouldn’t give tokens ?

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Personally, I needed this, as, let’s just say, I rushed making my 2nd Annihilation and I am now under 2,000,000 coins. The 45 tokens helped, too.

I didn’t say a word about tokens

Well…I agree that the item portal does exactly what gold portals do and even more than that,but hey…Better than nothing,right?
Farm a little,get them daily achievements,watch a couple vids and you,my friend,just got yourself a premium box …For free :3

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You watch ads from the game and the devs make money.

So what!?!?
You make money too!

only this and… thats all.
NoNeedPortal is correct IMHO

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I already got the tokens and gold … now question, do these gold portals give boxes? Thank you.

Now question , Where is the unicorn portal?

“Gone with the wind”

The Unicorn Portal will never be the same anyway, thanks to nerfed droprates. Just 3 boxes, one MIGHT contain a legendary, and then maybe 2 or 3 more if you’re lucky.

Gone with the greed :wink:

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They used to.Got a a couple good epics outta them.
Not anymore.


I find the tokens useful but it interferes with my consumation of my energy which I now need to wait a bit for more… 4 minutes for 1

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