Gold Portal is LIVE! (14.05)


Gold portal in Silent Waters

58 PM

Fixed the notification too
@Ricemech88 aye, first time win!


yes more tokens 20 charec


now I am playing hard


I always love the gold portal. Helps me with my fusing


@Sarah247 can you move this news and updates?thx




also campaign 2 vs 2

weird easy, hard already completed ??


hey fineshed how much I could plus fineshed hard


It’s saved when you completed some when they accidently opened it for us. I had all of my hard completed too


Already finished it the moment it appeared, as well as the 2nd campaign in Silent Waters.


Let this lad be on the news.




I am still wondering if you can get legy.


The Claw? Of course.


I spent +300 Tokens - +10 refill = around 3 million sm

this is not very advanced on built, it costs expensive
all this pouf

item was reduced exp?

only remains 1.3 M sm pff


10 (refills) x 7 (runs on insane per full tank) x 28,000 (gold) = 1,960,000 gold…

You got more than the average amount that I would have gotten?


yes plus 300 tokens + time charge + not bad earned 69K and more 8 hours works

result was not brilliant

ultimately more expensive than mission 6


Hmm…Maybe you are correct