Gold Portal is LIVE (12.03)


Hello, it seems that nobody warned and by chance walking the map I find it.

Enjoy some gold and tokens. they are for free? Hahaha


Seems they forgot about that…


thanks for showing this lol


This is being reported now…where was Ricemech with his usual gold portal warnings? he’s always more on time than the actual mods. lol


nice lol why did they not give a notification in game this is weird


what is being reported i dont get it


They never do, until hours later. This is later than usual, and it’s by an actual forum member. Instead of Sarah or Rice (basically a mod).


Now you must hire me Tacticsoft bigsmile


The gold portal…

It’s been out for 5+ hours now and not even Ricemech has updated people on it. Hell not even Sarah, it’s odd to me.


its kind of weird i think something is going on it did not even say in the in game news


looks like they make auto system for portal and forgot about notification


Wait a minute… 19 hours left? I thought it was always a day. LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE IS A TAD (When I mean tad I mean by about A LANDSLIDE) late.


It is a day, but it was reported late. So people missed around 5+ hours of it.

Doesn’t really matter anyways, it’s a 10 minute run through of the same map 3 times with no difficulty.


Well it won’t matter to me since I am in school (I hate it when I can’t play super mechs with school wifi.)


i can but to lags real hard at least i can go on the forum


I’m sleeping…


Seems devs forgot to notice players? @Sarah247 @Mohadib?
Don’t worry still 4 more hours left
Go and get golds and your 45 tokens :wink:
And a vid for you:)


Gold portal format:
Title: Gold Portal is LIVE(xx.xx)
Intro: Hello Pilots and Pilotess.
I present you our traditional Gold Portal : “xxx”.
Come get your free 45 tokens, and some gold.
Sadly no items will get dropped as usual on these type of portals.
29 PM
And I want gold portal become this


I picked up +840,000 SM but not enough for build


oh ok (20 characters)