Gold Portal is LIVE (05.03)


Yes, gold portal again
freeeeeeeeee 45 tokens yaaaaaaaaay

50 PM



kill me



In my opinion, this is a, SALE OR TUMBLR BLOGS! Kind of situation.


Finished58 PM
Still have 1d left…


Well. I just noticed this. When it says “Gold Portal,” I thought it gave… very little gold. When I did hard mode, it said 7,000 gold. Instead, I got 31 thousand. Someone is a lying little bugger aren’t they.


What blvd means lmao


Boulevard :slight_smile:


I know this is a stupid question but…
Why the abbreviation instead of the full word?




insane - more 63K once


Actually 28,400. Although I guess it varies between 28k, 61k and 63k,


I find Gold Portals Useless…they give only 7k gold…the only use for the gold portals are the 45 tokens

some people are getting like 31k and all that but I only get 7k…


If you run insane mode more than once. You run the chance of getting one of the three totals I listed. It’s just, you guessed it, AND RNG CHANCE!.

Depressing but yeah, I just use leftover fuel for it tbh


maybe being 61 I don’t remember exactly


The reward depends on u getting a box, strange right? But instead of mix and fortune boxes you guessed it u receive their gold equivalent


From my experience
They give advertise amount (7k)
but first time, they give tokens and more gold (depends on dif)
it might be wrong


First time is typically 28k + tokens, second time if you’re lucky, you cold receive either 28k again, or 61/63k.

it’s just RNG at this point, I’ve run these portals so many times to get those numbers.


Oh oof xD Well I did get 31 thousand


@Ricemech88 nice to see you stuck with the format title :wink:


because of u