Gold Portal is LIVE! (04.06)

“golden corral” is at silent waters!
Come and get 45 free tokens!

ps. I don’t know why they make the gold portal come first as fix the lightning scope portal


@Sarah247 move this to news

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unlucky I’m out of fuel…

Thanks @Sarah247

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More important than why they release a gold portal isntead of a fixed LS item portal is the matter about those unfairly obtained tokens from that bug.
The release of the gold portal means that TS is working.
So why is there no statement about what they will do regarding those tokens from the bug and what consequences using those tokens will have?

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It’s my lucky day!
I’m full of fuel!

Nothing. Have you seen a raid cheater banned? Nope.
They kept earning the raid tokens and when TS fixed the porblem there were no consequences at all.

thank you prevent Ricemech88

good luck the friends


The portal is being worked on. Plus they NEVER release portals on a Monday. Obviously they’d release portals based on the schedule set.

This has been done before, quite recently actually. (releasing a GP then an IP). So like I’ve told others, be patient and hope when Thursday rolls around that they’ve fixed the bugs/glitches and we can enjoy farming the portal.



Better appreciate what ur getting

for those who are complaining

This topic is important for me to keep me in mind to play portal.


I know that.
But an announcement about how they will handle the exploit of the bug could still have been made.

I’m sure @Sarah247 can ask @Mohadib about that. I personally hoped we’d get one before the portal dropped on Thursday (if it’s fixed by then).

ShadowOfDeath, for the love of God, stop bugging Transcendant. Keep it up and Transcendant will keep flagging you. With enough flags, no doubt you’ll get some sort of ban (punishment). :man_facepalming:

and … am I supposed to worry? . but thanks for taking the trouble to tell me. We are not all intimidated so easily.

But thanks

Just stating a fact, take it or leave it as you see fit.

With enough flags, there’s bound to be trouble.