- Gold in boxes -

Would you guys like to have a little gold from boxes?

I think this is a good idea, I mean, for each box you open, you have for example: 4,500 Gold, the amount depends on the box opened, a Premium Box maybe will give you 7,000 gold, a Premium Pack 27,000 I dunno, a Mix Box (The boxes that the missions gives you, the blue ones) will give you 2,000, beside of the mission gold reward.

Maybe this is a shitty idea, but that´s why I ask for your opinion:

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Maybe.

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(If you vote “No.” please leave reason)

Gold item boxes in campaign are already there

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Show me a screenshot please

They are just Gold Boxes.They give items,not gold.THEY SHOULD GIVE GOLDEN ITEMS!


You mean these ones?cajas%20de%20puro%20oro
´Cause I mean this boxes:

(Mix Boxes)

Gold boxes are given after you kill boxes.And you get them in limited quantities throughout your whole career.

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No ,do you have a picture of gold item boxes @YGGM


Those ?

You open them OUTSIDE of the missions, and they currently yeld (if it hasn’t changed inbetween) some kilos of SM Gold and/or Transform Relic(s)

@L4K3 you got screwed (like most ppl who opened them during a “speciffic” time window) if you got “only” items from it you got 2 or 3 common or rare items, I guess ? XD

What Astrokill said is that: the boxes you get at the end of the missions (which give you rewards) could also give a reward card with a certain amount of coins (or maybe, could replace an item reward card with a gold reward card)

Btw @AURAINTEGRA, I won’t always give away pictures from in-game screens…
I retired myself from SM and I don’t have much will to go back in it (I have a lot other things to do, that I enjoy more ^^), so…


I never got any gold from them.I swear.

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Me netheir, me neither…

I only got some (2 or 3) crap common and/or rare items (save for the boxes I opened in legacy XD)

Dudes they now give heavy mount of goods with Power kits like a 100000 gold in the past 3v3 boss mission…@YGGM I tagged you cuz you really help the communityn^^= and don’t forget to check out the new features…I’m Sm

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I keep an eye on them, but so far, only the Clan Wars (because they don’t require me to do something else in order to unlock/do them) MIGHT be appealing to me…
(I’m not in top ranks, so updates to them don’t change me, and to progress, I need to grind, something I can’t do (nor want to) anymore due to the abundance of cough cough anoying cough cough ads in campaign…and arena rewards don’t pay off in my opinion…)

We know (at least, I do)

But back when Lake and myself opened those boxes, there were just normal mix/silver box, but disguised into a gold box (i suspect them to had even worser dorprates during the end of the time during which they were giving items only)
It got changed to drop gold and power kits in-between… (without a notice, so players who already claimed them don’t ask shit in the forums to get a compensation by getting the new gold boxes’ contents

Lol yes I remember also you can use adblocker on Desktop and I have Never seen an add on the desktop version really NEVER ,and the farming i dont do I give it to responsibility to my 3 yrs old sister or my 5 yrs old brother guess I can chill around then xd…

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ads themselves are not the problem, but the facts that:

  • they disable autopilot until you refrech the page
  • they appear after the first or second enemy you beat on the mission
  • they appears every 1~3 enemy you kill after the last ad
  • you can’t get ads when you want to watch a “rewarded ad” (is that the word ?) (I never tried, but that is/was the saying in the forums)

add up, and well…don’t do good ^^

I do’nt have someone to give grind responsability, and even if I could, I wouldn’t, mainly because they would have access to other things I want to keep personnal, as well

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