Gold fever or bug?

I have a question, you noticed that the new portal has a random reward, in hard gave me 68 000 the second time I played it, the third 7500 … in insane 64 000 …

Yeah, on insane, you have the chance of getting 28k or 60-ish thousand. It’s RNG af, (amount is usually dependent last one gave me 28k, this one 64k).

The first times you complete the portal you get the max amount of gold that can be dropped for the level of difficulty.
After that,the drops range from the amount written on the beginning of the stage to 8 (or 10 times I’ve read on another post) that same amount.
The amount written on the portals beginning is the minimum you’ll get.
Hope this helps in any way.
So no,it’s neither a gold fever nor a bug :slight_smile: