Gold and expenses


gold is too hard to get in this game, make it to where we can hold more items in the inventory without a limit, or to make it to where we can obtain more gold plz


Gold is barely difficult to get. Farm Ramboy for a week straight and you’ll see a couple hundred thousand. (if your mech is weak).

Or farm Overlords Den Mission Six insane, tons of gold per 70 fuel run. If your mechs capable of OD6 then you can wait for the gold portals we’re supposedly having every monday now.

Gold is one of the easiest things to get in this game. Hell even PVP now gives you like 14k each win. Grind and you’ll get gold.


Every Monday?? Where was this hinted at?


I forgot who said it (I think it was Elcent), he said something about having one every week. I did say “supposedly”, because of thefact it’s never consistent.


Gold portal every monday

This has been happening for like 3 months now lol


No way… really?? Have I been missing it?


No, you haven’t It hasn’t been consistent. That or I’ve really been lost for time…

don’t quote me on this