Godzilla (15 characters)

@GODZILLA can somone help me find the real godzilla (player) i need help

The real Godzilla? I have no idea if That player’s still playing or quit

“Real” Godzilla has been banned, forever, quite recently actually. Any other GODZILLAS you see are fake.


Yikes. When and how did it happen? I had no idea. (Use private lounge if you feel it’s a good idea).

He had hacked multiple times, and even did some account sales.

Well. Glad he was banned then…

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Ah, I think the real Godzilla quit after getting hacked. So probably, anything that happened afterwards isn’t the real Godzilla.

Later on he created a new account, in which he made a physical that got to rank 6. Then he was banned afterwards, only about a month ago if I am correct.

Are you sure it’s the real Godzilla or maybe it’s the hacked Godzilla? I’m fairly new, so I’m gonna take your word for it.

From what I heard it was the general consensus that the rank 6 was the real one.

Good enough for me. :ok_hand:

If i am not right back at the day…that he was a douche?

I remember that he had a good clan…wich was falled

rrr there was a godzilla (the ofiginal player) and he would awsk newbs for their accounts and then buy them tokens and good items

We don’t know where @L4K3 has gone… He may not be around for a while, we do not know where nor why

Thats pretty common knownledge. He said to me that he would give me 10 max mythicals for my username and password.
Yea right.

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he said he would get me a myth savagery and he did
then he also got me a leg vandal

Why would someone else waste their money on you ? LOL

Let’s keep things civil here.

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But if he really did that, then you’re pathetic for getting someone else to give you items so you can win.

Omg! Guys, leave the man alone. He’s only asking where Godzilla is.

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