God Mode, Yae or Nae?


I along with many other fellow pilots agree that God Mode is too powerful, and needs to be nerfed, as God Mode mechs are getting to Max HP’s as high as 1.3k! unless you have God Mode as well, you can not win this fight. So i suggest a 100 to 150 Max HP removal, weight increase by 35, perhaps just remove it and give players with God Mode torsos mythicals boxes for each God Mode torso, or buff all the other mythical torsos by 100 to 125 Max HP. Before you start hating on this really give a deep though about those who can not pay to win, and can get anything good. Those players can not stand a chance agenst these God Mode mechs! And also the absurd amount of wins these mechs bring in making the other mythicals seem well, bad. So if you disagree with me, I strongly reccomend you agree for the good of Super Mechs. And please point out errors in my spelling and grammer, I am a bad typer!



I’ve always believed that the main problem with God Mode (and Diamond Shell) is that they are trying too hard to be “unique”. And when something tries too hard to be “unique”, they either wind up being either too powerful or too worthless.

God Mode should have more resistance (less negative resistance) and much less HP, while Diamond Shell needs to have less resistance and more HP. I’m not sure what values to suggest, so it’s up to the devs to decide.


I think that God Mode should be removed
It only looks good in campaign


Should be nerfed. Or they give it like 600-700 HP and shit stats so u need more modules. The whole resistance thing is interesting but they should give it less starting HP. Since it will have less HP we can also lower the negative resistance a bit. A hit to his stats would also be game changing. He just needs a simple nerf, nothing crazy.


I still think Diamond shell builds pose more of a problem but maybe thats just me.


IMO Diamond Shell builds are rarer but I agree that they are annoying too… :poop:


they are rarer but much more cancerous.


I think that everything is fine



Lol no. :jack_o_lantern:


Is God Mode OP?

  • God Mode is OP!4!
  • God Mode is OP
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  • God Mode is not OP

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In a nutshell, this ^


Kill all pads, simple!


No need to nerf, if you know how to play you can be doing serious damage to a god mode user
( I once got one down to -50 exp ) my drone was doing 100 damage and they were over heating easy win


Not all times you can do sufficient damage against God Mode users especially to the overused metas.


That is so true. My godmode and double devastation swarm mech usually beats other mechs with (I think) 50-200 hp remaining. I think perhaps negative resistance increased to -40 would be more balanced. Or just give it 700 hp instead of 800 hp.