GOD MODE PORTAL - polished idea!

Hello everyone! I have a REALLY nice idea.

At first thanks for reading everything before you reply!

So, here comes the idea. In first location player can access portal. It is available permanently and at any level etc.

How it will work?
  • Player can access portal ONCE per day
  • Player fight with your first mech
  • No buffs or mini-opponents to destroy
  • God Mode HP regenerates once a day 10% of its HP
What's your opponent?
  • As I said earlier - God Mode
  • It would have 150 levels - as players have
  • It starts with first level and when player beat it comes back with higher level[/details]
But how to build this True God Mode?
  • At lower levels it should be quite easy to destroy (epic level probably)
  • As it have God abilities you can build it as normal mech BUT with unlimited weight
  • There should be 3 types of God Modes - physical, electric and heat
  • And of course it should have HP buffed a lot!

[details=Example of Hell God (give them nice names like this)]* Imagine its about 75 level and all items are maxed mythicals.

  • Torso and legs: Zarkares + Devouring Paws
  • Side weapons: TerrorBlade, Abomination and 2x Magma Blast
  • Top weapons: 2x Desolation
  • Special items: Teleporter, Charge and Flaming Grapling Hook
  • Drone: Clash
  • Modules: Platinum Plating x4, Heat Engine, Cooling Mass Booster, Energy Engine and Energy Storage Unit
  • Final HP is multiplied by 3
  • Stats of it: 8370 HP, 401/217 Heat, 416/106 Energy
What are you fighting for?
  • No money or experience
  • Maybe a little of tokens
  • But you are fighting for ITEMS
  • My example of rewards for Hell God is 5 tokens, 2 Fortune Boxes and 5 Free Items Boxes
  • Edit - Dubi0us idea - "fashion items available to win so people could see how high you have beaten"
    I loved this idea! If I can precise - in my opinion perks would be PERFECT to deal with it :+1: :+1: :+1:

Write below what do you think about it. Are 150 levels too much? Are rewards ok?
Should it be added to game and why/why not?

  • ★★★★★ IT. IS. FANTASTIC.
  • ★★★★ You can improve some things (write what and how)
  • ★★★ Meh, idk.
  • ★★ Umm… it isn’t the best idea.

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And SM Team - if you decide to use this idea and you want more mechs builds or names for them contact me. I can really help you with it. Or another way to get help is the rest of community. You can add thread where everyone can put his name idea etc.

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you will like it!

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Sounds really interesting I wonder what the community / the SM team thinks about it.

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Its quite a cool idea. I don’t think the rewards should be too significant though, otherwise players who already have very strong builds would defeat it more quickly and be able to earn a lot more than a newer weaker player. Seems like most of tacticsoft recent changes are trying to more equalize the player base rather than worsen the divide. It would be fun if there were fashion items available to win so people could see how high you have beaten.


I love this idea :fire: :100::fire:

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I agree with you. I thought about progressive rewards but I don’t really know how much “progressive” they should be :wink: Another thing is that even if you beat 1 lvl portal in first day you can’t acces lvl 2 portal in the same day.

And about items - you meant items available only in portal (for example perk every 15 levels)? it would be even better. I will add this to original post.

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Yep exactly, wearable no stat items like the Santa hat, you can wear it so everyone knows you are a bad ass who beat level 75 hell god :sunglasses:

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How abaout an special event/mission that appears when you finished some missions that are atleast in the 4th zone ). After that you can choose between a godode lv 30/50/80 and 130 for all those top players ;). If you choose a low level like lv 30. The rewards wouldn’t be that high. ( 50% rare 48% epic 2% legendary ). God mode 2.0 wouldn’t be that strong too ( ~900 hp and 30-60 dmg ). It isn’t recommend for newbies who just joined the game. This event can be accessed when you defeat the 3rd campaign boss on normal.

i got brutality and avenger both 2x and i fused them as zarkares is way better

I focused on the portal which is active everyday. Now we have portals appearing in special events and this is not what I wanted. Also God Mode Portal which you can access once a day for nice rewards will probably keep players in game :slight_smile:

@Sarah247 idk are 27 votes worth your time, but I would like at least to know that you read this topic :wink:

Read it!
Sounds interesting.
I will bring it up with the team.


First of all,if that’s so,then the portal would be a lot easier than normal.For such an item,it should be hard.
Sure,once a day…But that said,I’d have a chance every day to win the most OP item,even at level 5.

I’m afraid that’s not possible…Portals are pretty much meant to last a single day,and that only on an event.
And they’re not for everyone.I don’t think you’d want a lvl-5 to wreck you with his/her God mode…

Just no.
Or do you want to fight people with +3K HP,4 magma blasts and outrageously high core stats?

Please.I want to see you try to kill an 8K HP opponent…Even with maxed full-mythical mechs…

Other than all that,I agree.
I only wrote about what I disagree with.I think the rest’s just fine.

I was wondering if someone could explain to me what it means by GOD MODE. Would the bosses have -24 resistance like the torso?

I see your mind is limited.

Not here. Portal is mentioned to be Player vs AI
I see you also have problems with reading.

First location=easy
Again I see your mind is limited.

Probably I would need MORE TRIES but it is not a problem if opponent regenerate only 10% of its HP daily.
Again problems with reading…

Use google to find meaning of God or use google translate “God Mode” -> your language. It is not inspired by torso but by… God Mode in older versions of the game -_-

I think it might be a good idea but because of the wording im having trouble understanding what your idea is

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Same. What are you suggesting?

God Mode challenge was there a lot of years back, when we would have to fight a mech with Really High HP but weak weapons, so they die almost every time. The torso’s look is similar to the GodMode but GodMode didn’t have -24 drain

I should make concept arts but now its nonsense. This idea is similar to Raid so it won’t be implemented.

And I know that my english isn’t the best but it’s not my native language.

Mate.I thought you said that the item God Mode would drop for everyone to use in their builds.Plus you said the mech using it would have no weight.OF COURSE IT WOULD HAVE 3K+ HP AND ALL THE OP WEAPONS ON IT.Thats what I reffered to when I said

What’s pretty much exactly what I said…
I said a portal wouldn’t be permanent…

And that’s why I also said it would also be very easy.So it wouldn’t make a portal,but more of an extra level for farming.
And the idea is unrealistic.

Again.That is exactly what I said…What is wrong with you bro?

Ah,so you wanna say it doesn’t regenerate after battle when it kills you…HOW TF AM I SUPPOSED TO FIHURE THAT OUT?

And that is your fault of not explaining things properly and then telling ME I’m an idiot.

And no.First of all,if you don’t even know how to write/give details/explain how your idea works,then you have no right of telling me that idk how to read or that my mind is limited.
And also,you don’t have to be an a**hole about it.It was your fault of not knowing english before your posted this.