God help me, please

17 AM

Elcent did a number on me…


What does it mean if the system downloaded a local copy of my image?

But can you drive the airplane

Glad to see you back, dont bully Elcent anymore.

More like spam, in all reality

Kinda sad… 2 day ban.

Do you know why?

You will be tracked because you are a bad boy and bullied Elcent.

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Just versed the guy who hacked the raid last week.
Felt good to destroy him

Wanna battle? Testing my energy mech. IGN Black hornet.

Ok, imma finish the campain mission first. Be in english global chat.

K. grinding RB right now.

lol same.]

ALright im waitin in chat

K be there soon. jesus

jesus loves me
very much


Oh shit, just got legendary fortune box!

Wot was inside=

one more 1v1 battle? try out my bulldog.