🐐 GOAT VI. The Spring GOAT


ING=Thunder Racer
Country=United States


Welcome to GOAT.


So only epics, rares, and commons, no L-M,


The Next Goat event should be an L-M mech. The mech requirments would be only 3 L-Ms no more no less


Ready for Claw platinum vest and spartan.


Mine would be Mighty Cannon, Claw, and Maximum Protector


@El_metre i am really worried that have gotten my build completely and. Am i in.


Worried about what?
You can modify it, but not after “Build Lockdown”, that is the end of sign up.
If you modify, be sure to send me the pics again with the modification you do.
If your tournement build does not match the pics… you are disqualified.


Where did you get this from?
This is GOAT, and it is only epics max.
The Legends Cup is a different event… that might be organised or not.
@Berserk40000 :wink:


Because i had lot of problems sending you ,have you gotten them.


i know but for the next goat. Goat VII


Yes, i did.
We all good.


Thanks as you did not replied i was worried so.


GOAT VII will still be same as other GOATs. Epic only.
“Legends Cup” is something else.
Let’s focus on this one for the moment.
Happy GOATing :goat: :goat: :goat:


Can you make a Separate Event Called Matador and it would be L-Ms only


That kinda defeats the purpose of the GOAT though
It was made so that there would be no OP weapons like Valiant, Magma,etc.
The max tier is epic so that everyone can access them quickly.


magma was nerfed so it is useless now


It is not useless. Many players still use it.
It is not as effective as it used to be though.
Calling it useless would be very wrong.


Also, @El_Metre, i have a question :
Can we change our build after the tournament starts ?