🐐 GOAT VI. The Spring GOAT


Are there any prizes for this mini event


the winner gets a goat torso (skin).


Wait the goat torso is just a skin!?!?
I thought it was an actual, legitimate torso not just a cosmetic item.


it can be painted. win first then complain.


let me see the skin…


how to you get the torso. Is it TS sponsered


no, it’s a community tournament, they’ll just add the “torso” to the game and send it to the winner’s account.
i’m not sure if this time we’ll have both horns or only one, read the thread if you wanna know details.


you should make the torso more aggresive looking


i’m not the one who made it


is there a website where you can design torsos


Well, there’s always paint :grin:
Then you can send it to the “Your Art I Remake” topic https://tacticsoft.discoursehosting.net/t/your-art-i-remake/25100/68 and @OHMssssGamer can remake it in a supermechs style.


Its a goat not a bull…xD


@El_metre have you gotten those extra pics too.


I would like to join this Event


Then follow these steps, post :
GMT time :
And after, when you have build your mech, send to me via pm, screenshots of the build.


What is ING and GMT Time


ING = in game name(your name/nickname in the game).
GMT time = your local time expressed in international time format(Use google to find it).
Ex of gmt time :
Country : Austria
GMT time : GMT +1.


greenwitch mean time @DANIEL_GOSSETT


from what time…


What country are you from?