🐐 GOAT VI. The Spring GOAT



On my youtube channel “bestplayeroftheworld” is a video about the Final (GOAT IV) :exclamation:

You can check there the stats they used :exclamation:


Yes correct, what he showed is not the original perk :exclamation:



It happened on the third goat. And it happened with my account!

The first goat was won by Grosbite, second was won by me and I gave the perk to another player. Until then there were no problems. The third I won again and the perk could not be charged to my account, some code had been modified on the game. So they cut the horn so it could be loaded.

That’s why the goat has a cut-out horn. Lost it in a fence!




Oh boi
That some scary mech


En= deddeddeddedded.


Of course you don’t have one, so do we, because there’s no Level 0 boye


@El_Metre have you recieved my goat mech?.


dont forget me:)
ign: R1DVAN1 i should change this ign


i noticed so far that there are no drone’s in peoples mech are we not allowed to use a drone?


Every mech i know so far has a drone lol

You might have not checked it correctly


Sorry but I do not understand what I have to do for the tournament :'v

I do not speak much English :'v


Lo primero que tienes que hacer es registrarte. Coloca aqui el nickname que tienes en el juego y tu zona horaria (lo puedes buscar en google).

A partir de ahora tienes 2 semanas para construir un mech. Este mech debere tener solo torso, piernas, armas, modulos, drone, etc. solamente epico y sin upgrade. O sea epico grado 1. Tambien puedes usar elementos comunes y raros.

Una vez que tengas tu mech terminado envias capturas de pantalla a El Metre de cada partes de tu mech por mensaje privado, para que el pueda ver que cumples con las reglas. Una vez que envias estas capturas de pantalla no puedes cambiar nada!!!

Hay elementos que no puedes utilizar como Heat Bomb, EMP, el drone Tonto.el drone Face Shocker y el drone Heat Point.

Dentro de 3 semanas comienza el torneo. EL METRE publicara una lista para que tu sepas con quien te toca jugar y tienes 48 horas para buscar a tu oponente y jugar la batalla. Si ganas pasas a la siguiente ronda y asi sucesivamente.

El ganador del torneo se lleva un premio.

Lo que no entiendas puedes preguntarme. Yo hablo español.


muchas gracias
vaya quien diría que puedes hablarlo, enserio que me sorprendio


So how do I join? I think I have a good idea of what to do.


you have to pay me 200 tokens to join :roll_eyes:




There is no trading (unfortunately) so I can’t take your money.


here’s the real answer.


All right then. My in-game name is also woop2. This is my ID number: 17534206

I am in PST (Pacific Standard Time), I am on usually anywhere within 3:00 PM to about 8:00 PM.