🐐 GOAT VI. The Spring GOAT


950-1000+ HP is average
150-220+ Heat Cap is average
85-100+ Cooling is average
150-220+ Energy Cap is average (peopel don’t use Energy goats that much, so some people avoid this)
70-100+ Regen is average (same reason)
20-30+ Phys res is average
20-30+ Heat res is average
5-30+ Energy res is average (same reason)

Most common mechs associated with Goats are Phys and Heat, if you wanna build Energy that’s fine, although might be hard.


Peeps are mounting res on those??

Much thanks for the head up.


You just perfectly described my dual desolation goat… Well, hopes it will be fun anyway n.n

Or so to say… I can’t make it much better lel.
Went for anti heat and anti phys armor.
Anticipated that energy mechs won’t be used much.


lol i’m considering dual deso too, i only tested against an energy mech that is pretty much what i considered building too


The best goat is phys… phys is the best build for goat. Heat is the worst option.


why :clap: would :clap: you :clap: spoil :clap: your :clap: goat :clap: mech

we :clap: dont :clap: do :clap: that :clap: here


At the end of the day, it’s all average/casual.

There aren’t many E-M items that we can improvise with hehe … So it is, wish you best of luck and a fun games n.n


i’m also considering a phys, i’ll build what looks better in the end, but high HP and res makes me wonder


Thanks Wep, i build a first test mech. Phys. Pretty happy with it, 1000kgs and all. But before fighting in the pit i cant say.
Mind you giving me insights on res. Seems useless to me but cant be sure.




Yeah, but if you have a large amount of HP, you don’t need res even

Like mount 1500 HP on one and you’re good to go for the rest of the season lol



All right then, my goat has 2100hp


I won 2 goats with phys without resis and I lost 1 goat because my opponent had phys resis, so… think about… HP is very important on goat.

And… test new epic items that you dont know. Items that you cant use on higher ranks.


Exactely what i did. :slight_smile:


At goat level energy and heat dont make much damage…


A plate HP can be used? should they be 0 lvl epic? I do not have such (


Yes, level 1 epic max for all gear.


If you looking for tests and a bit of help.
I tell you what i tild you a long time ago : “Step into my office”.
And thing is i will be the only one to know your build… since you allredy need to sent it to me.


I remember this one like it was yesterday


@El_Metre discord invite link is exprired…