🐐 GOAT VI. The Spring GOAT


Ok, thanks, I didn’t see that part.


Introduction of replays codes will be a massive help for the judges

Welcome newcomers to the GOAT!

Enjoy please. All fun, no hard feelings


Thinking of joining, not sure. When’s the deadline???


2 weeks of signup :smile:


Hmm… I don’t think I will join… Have fun though…


Very well, thanks for explaining @El_Metre I see partially what is going on, as I do not dare to read every single comment now, to make a 100% valid unbreakable argument here.

(I already have no-lifed forums past whole week, wanna take a small break).

Alright here goes Mr.Justice of forums …

For first, as I see it. @bestplayerintheworld had a point for calling Goats rigid/un-perfect whatever.

So this right here is very unspecified and undetailed information… Some players do not know how will floor pads be thrown out of the tournament for good, to not show up. So there is a lack of information,
you can call lack of info rigid in this case? Whatever.

What they also possibly wonder is if there are floor pads officially in the game system that includes GOAT tournaments, and if they encounter them what are the procedures? Who will leave and which thing will count how?

Alright alright, done there. (If I am wrong you can always argue with me, or correct me).

Nex thing that I noticed is, that you @El_Metre demanded an official excuse/sorry from @bestplayerintheworld for saying that this is “rigid”?
For first as I said, she had a point there, considering that even some lvl 1 weapons got banned.

You @El_Metre had no base ground or good enough reason from my point of view to demand an excuse for such. That was no insult, but maybe? If that is what insults you, just say so.

It would be nice in that case from @bestplayerintheworld to excuse her self to show gracious behavior.
(Cause she didn’t know that such words could hurt)?

While also you @El_Metre should excuse your self as well for actually demanding an excuse from somebody who had a point and also hasn’t insulted you willingly.
(In case she has, you can always point that out, I didn’t read everything again I repeat).

Well, that much from me. . .

Let’s have respect for this topic that @El_Metre made, while also managing it all and NOT argue here.

If there is a need for arguing I will make a topic for that. (Ask and tag me, or PM me).

Let’s keep El’s topic clean from junk / possible toxicity / unrelated stuff to the topic.
He already got enough stuff to watch over … So yep.

Thanks for reading.

P.S.: Also if you want this post of mine removed as well, please just say so~!

Cheers! :slight_smile:


I will throw my opinion now about this whole tournament. (To revive the topic and stay on it).

So overall, it’s nothing too serious. (From my perspective).
So it being rigid? Well yea, some items got banned !!?

That tells how possibly rigid this whole GAME is…

But again it’s only for fun, so I don’t even care.

Guess balancing in sclaling of items should be done in such scenario for some things to be banned!?

That is my point, it’s entertainting stuff overall and El Metre should be credited for it with respect.

So yea, lets try not to care too much if it’s rigid or not, far from perfect it surely is lol.
Just have fun! :slight_smile:


Count me in, boss man.

Box opening tomorrow will yield some epics for testing, so i’ll join the discord for that.


Count me in:

IGN: Lord Gorgon
GMT: +3
Flag: HardToKill
Favourite drink: Vodka/Mint liquor mix, 66%/33% ratio
Favourite food: youre too young to read this
Favourite animal: my dog, Marcel
Question1: how do i even test a goat mech?
Question2: forgot that one

Hopefully will perform nicely.



please, help, what campaign mission would be relevant??


You can test on me

i am test dummy


Thanks mate. Would like to use some surprise effect eventually. How about a relevant campaign mission??


You know, I have never thought about using Campaign but I love the creativity/ingenuity/whatever the word is… :))

Right off the bat, I would suggest Boss mission 3… No clue what it is but I estimate a close range of level for GOAT


I always test new builds in campaign. Created reference points with the builds i know work well in arena for comparison.


That’s a great thinking and planning, buddy. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wish you luck in GOAT!


isnt the other horn broken?


You test it in chat by saying “1v1 epic mechs”. If they fight you with Level 10 Legendaries / any level Myth mechs EQUIP YOUR STRONGEST MECH AND BOMBARD THEM WITH BATTLES UNTIL THEY ACCEPT IT AND KILL THEM ALL, just let them be for now and quit the battle instantly.

Or go to some PMs or the Challenge Thread to aquire some peeps to test with.


So no way to stay low key until tourny starts… :frowning:


Well you can be low key, if some of yo’ friends don’t join the goat but they have one.


Point is i have no reference of what can be good heat or energy stats for exemple. Never participated. Been kicking cyber goat nicely but that all :joy: