🐐 GOAT VI. The Spring GOAT


By the way … welcome @Elcent ! It’s a pleasure having you around here. Miss you here, although we have Marija who is also an excellent mod. Successes!


wowowo come down yeet agreed that i can do the tournament in his account ask him if u like


You forgot about that SAME in-game name is possible, everybody can use the same name as others do, and nothing speaks against, its made by the developers on purpose :exclamation:




But this …

… is an other thing, so co-piloting … mhhh … how you will check this, it is not possible, just think of a family situation, where your sister or your brother play an account :exclamation:

The tournament-maker need to find a solution for such things :exclamation:




Speaking people understand each other. Good luck!


People in lower ranks earn less coins

3vs3 fight but after one mech is dead then you quit (no pads guarrantee)


is it bad or something becuz if it is im trying to get away from all the drama i can always leave the tournament


No, I don’t think its bad … I think its fine, because why not :interrobang:

It is not like a sport event, like Olympia, just a game, all fine in my eyes, if it would be for the real weekly tournament at SuperMechs, it would be questionable, but for this fun-tournament, special with low tier items, I see nothing wrong about :exclamation:








alright than you guys had me worried i looked like a criminal for a couple of hours


Pls… It would be good if the debates on Discord were brought here too before making decisions.

I mean, for those of us who don´t use Discord.


First sign up, mate.
Prefered skirt color :
Matching lipstick :
Dont send me nudes as SS, only inventory.


If you want to represent Yeet here on the forum.
I have no problem with that.
If Yeet wants to participate in the tournement, he has to clear it out with our special quest @Elcent and out mod @Marija.
If things are cleared out and he is granted by the others, he then must join the Discord and confirm that you represent him here on forums.
This is a comunity event, and the comunity partakes in it.


Unless you participate in this tourny, and are allowed to participate in it.
I sugest you take it somewhere else.
First follow the steps :
Apologieze here for ill speaking of me and this tournement, saying that it is rigged and that it was unfair, like you did on the other 5 iterations of it.
Then insert these datas:
By the deadline, send SS with build.
Dont do drama here, dont provoke or insult.
Behave like a good forum member.


There are no decisional discuses on the discord.
Only testing and build talks.
All that is relevant is takeing place here.
This is where the tournement was born, this is where the tournement is taking place.
This is its home.


Forgot to mention, I made a small mistake with the UTC time for Norway. It’s (-1h) hopes this does it.
Excuses for the inconvenience.


Everything ok with you :question:

How you will handle the situation about Floor Pads with this little tournament :question:



I’m actually wondering the same thing, how are pads going to be handled?


Hmmm, I didn’t see Michelle ill-speaking about this tournament…
Well on the other behalf yes, some items got banned, which means that scaling of this game isn’t appropriate. Weird? (Don’t know what to think about it, gives me mixed feelings).

But again, no need to take offense for such things as words “rigged”? (Didn’t see that one even).

Anyway, sorry for the bother I guess. I shouldn’t involve in something that I don’t have a full view of.




just a small sample of it.

Or reinitiate the match in 1v1 until there are no pads…about 50-50%.