🐐 GOAT VI. The Spring GOAT


I will check you physical mech how is OP!:stuck_out_tongue:
Yes it is fun for me and everyone


Super OP.
Maybe not.
Fun ride thats for sure.


All GOAT builds are fun to drive.
And how you build them is one part of the fun, the other part is rideing them.
You will be surprised how a single well thought move can provide the wining advantage, or how a mistake can actualy be repaired with a well planed next move.
This is the FUN in GOAT, the fact that is dynamic, and makes you actualy think and plan ahead.
It is a mix of the old Legacy spirit of building and fighting…befor GodMode torso came.


Yeah yeah when you get kicked off by the goat thats an intresting part…lol


Anyone willing to test their goat with me ?

I’m free now


Bwmrfhf… why not?


You sure are talking about something like this …

Extremly Goat Kick



Ok, i’m ready


I would like to test your mech to prove me how OP for your physical mech!:stuck_out_tongue:


No when u try to sit on the goat. And then when you will fall and get stomped into face by the goats heels…lol


When’s the due date again?

Sorry for asking this but im too lazy to let my computer blast through 290 replies


Hello. @El_Metre …could you give some days more? Maybe there is an item portal and we could get the items we need.



The end of sign-up is monday 10:00 PM.
If you guys feel we should maybe wait for a possible item portal and then finish the sign-up, we could do that and add another day after the portal:

    1. Yes, let’s wait a bit for an item portal
    1. No. End sign-up on Monday.

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Indeed … I still dont have enough engines …

Maybe we could wait till we have a portal ?


Let see did Sunday have the item portal?
If yes,we can wait serval days
If not let start in Sunday or monday


Yeah, I’m still missing a few weaps myself…


Ya Need shum?


lol I’ve got similar amounts of extras…


One thing about modules … there is very little difference between 1 module rare at maximum and 1 module epic lv.1. If I remember correctly, the difference is only 1 point.

During the last goat that participated, I had placed 1 epic cooling module and another rare one to the maximum and it was the same.

I mean … in case someone cannot get all the epic modules.


Yup, that’s definitely an option

Then the only thing i’m missing is a drone now, and sadly, it doesn’t have a rare counterpart like the engines

I hope i get it soon

Thanks for bothering though :slight_smile: