🐐 GOAT VI. The Spring GOAT


1.3 highest heat dmg wepon in this tournament is : corupt light, with a heat dmg of 31, augmented by 20%(assumed), goes up to 37 heat dmg

-if my research is right,so does firestorm do 46 heat damage + up to 20% is 55…

1.4 the heat and energy caps, are also going up a bit, thus providing a better protection against heat and energy builds.

-what do you mean by this??
like i understand this now,so do we just fight a regular 1vs 1 fight,so nothing special that effects the caps unless you think about bonuses from the arena shop…


1.2 highest energy drain weapon in this tournament is : malice beam, with a drain of 41, augmented by a 20%(assume since the same reasson as above), goes to 48 drain dmg.

-same with hungering beam…i think it’s 59 on energy drain,and with 20%,so would it be 71…


Isn’t there Dawn Blaze and Ultrabright?


I have caught the Wild @VoidName GOAT, it’s said to be one of a kind…



Good mate :+1:
pad is really not fair for everyone,just a luck


@El_Metre Is it too late to join? I’m Corin. GMT-8.


I await the build screenshots, when you are finished with them. By the end of next Sunday.


Revan. Currently using UTC-5. Hit me up, this is a clutch invitation.
Good luck, everyone.


@El_Metre, I think I’ll stay out of this GOAT Tournament, I don’t have enough Epics to make a GOAT mech…I’ll give the honor of competing to someone else…


Carefull people, im goating ready.

yes, probably one of my best post ever


Here my bull is ready too.


Still procrastinating with GOAT

Looks like I haven’t learnt anything from last time

Let’s see how far I go with a 5 minute build this time


im gonna have to withdraw my entry for this… not like i even submitted a mech but still


I kinda want to withdraw my mech (not from contest but just my mech).


Well,you need to have many test to prove your mech how OP is it!:stuck_out_tongue:


True, true. Maybe anyone want to do 1v1 goat mechs?


there’s a very high chance i’ll enter with bad items because i don’t wanna spend anymore on GOAT, didn’t get the torso i wanted either.


I may start without any tests. Would be funnier wouldnt it.


I’ll send you my GOAT in a minute now, thanks for letting me in again btw :slight_smile:


i did that last time and it was quite fun :slight_smile: