🐐 GOAT VI. The Spring GOAT


i’m on discord already, thx for noting me.


Ooops lol


Damn… i may be a magical bunny… but that trick belongs to the “real” magicians of this game… the devs.
I can tell you there are torsos that are close to its stats: the rhino looking one.


You’re about to overtake Pleasurebot and Ricemech on my Top Liking list


what would that torso be?


I was looking for that too lol

I think i overtook PeanutButter ?


Windigo or Golem i think


Think Golem it is.
Close weight to Zark, a bit lower heat stats but better energy stats.
Will check tomorow about it, i have a list of them on my laptop.


usually i associate windigo to trucks, but i thought of it when he said rhino too, i only thought about E+ since idk others. glad i saved some items after i realized i wasn’t getting the ones i wanted lol.


Could you send me the stats of the torsos plz?
I have no clue which torso has good stats


all E1 that i have


Its not golem… wait till tomorow will check my list and find it for sure.
Use to have it, since it was a great torso for GOAT, but its no longer in my account… must have accidentaly fuse it …


That’s a damn good torso !

Much lighter than windigo, a little less energy but better heat

I want one now lol


A Topic to help Everyone


that’s why everbody talked about kraken on kong sometimes, seems better than zark, but i don’t need the weight. and guess what? i don’t have it either. .-.
just got this from fb

just food, after this long i was expecting smth better, guess i should be happy? idk
is it me or brutality is a very common legy drop nowadays?


That’s the guy… the infamous Kraken that you get as Legendary only in packs… that facks up your day big time when you land it.
Yeah its similar to Zark… a bit lighter but with some lower heat stats.
Good job Sean.


we cant even have any legy modules?


yep, only E1 modules or below, modules cost nothing tho, so use E1 mods if you can.


Can it be a level 30 epic


no, it can’t, nothing above epic lvl 1 shall be accepted, we pretty much live under a jihad dictatorship.