🐐 GOAT VI. The Spring GOAT


I also think that the Arena Shop Upgrades will have a huge impact to this tournament :exclamation:

May it be the + HP (+300 is possible), or the +40% Resistance … thats a LOT :exclamation:

Question is … how to solve it, that it would be a fair tournament :interrobang:



You still have 2-3 weeks though, try maxing the HP bonus first off

Lower ranks will have a disadvantage, that’s true, but can we do anything for solving it ?
Nope we cant. So you gotta go with what you have


it’s not fun believing you have fewer chances just because, and now you tell me i should just accept i’ll be eliminated in first round, to relax and have fun.


What have I done…


i have that, but i need other stuff, i’m trying, i’m having a hard time tho, i can’t even find my goat parts, i made 26 maxed rare puks attempting to do so + some more puks. i know it’s hard to compensate, but metre was to hard. winz for example said he was with me but didn’t know if it was possible, i want somebody that lies to me if necessary, specially when being nice.


Nothing bad, I mentioned simular at one of the first replys, it is nothing bad to discuss about things … the opposite, there is a need to discuss it, so it is for all who want to take part or take part clear how it is :exclamation:




One thing you can do if you cant find goat parts :
Try using items which start at rare or common tier, you can upgrade those to epic, or atleast level 20 rare

Example, if you need annihalation but cant find it, try using its rare counterpart (boomwitch)
The damage difference is not that big afterall

Hope i helped you a bit atleast :wink:


You are neither a participant,nor a willing one.
You are here just to start crap up.
To talk bad about this tournement like you did in the past 5 iterations of it.
Either follow the rules(of joining and apologising) or remove yourself from here.


Eyy…look at that difference


It’s about to get bigger though :slight_smile:




i’m trying to find a zark rn, and maybe i deso if i go dual deso, i’m considering R20 for some items, not sure which ones it’s better, i know some are due to cost etc etc. thx for trying to help me anyways.


Ricemech8 actually won the last GOAT with a few Maxed rare items…


Like which ones ?
Curious to know coz i’m not a goat lmao


Funny, but nonsense :exclamation:

Please do not assume things you don’t know, I want take part, BUT only if all things are cleared and totally fair for ALL :exclamation:

Should that be an other threat :interrobang:


Sorry, but I can write here as long as I want, and state my opinion as long as I want :exclamation:

Or you really want say, that only players you like are allowed to play this tournament, if so, at this moment this tournament would be nothing worth :exclamation:



If you want some tips on builds, you can always step into “my office”(PM) and sort things out.
I am also a GOAT trainer, so there is time to get into shape. :goat: :muscle: :rhinoceros:


Rare Corrupt Lights I think…

You can always go back to the old GOAT topics and look at mechs for inspiration…no plagiarism though


idk what he used, but dual hot flash is an example, one of the builds i’m considering is around them.


thx for the offer, any chance you know a trick to get epic zark?


Also, you could join discord if you want build suggestion / want to test your mech mate

There is many on them for testing and stuff