🐐 GOAT VI. The Spring GOAT



Then gotta finalize my build fast…

Coz i’m a lazi bOi


Me too lol


i can’t get the desired items, mainly torso.


I cant get the drone lol

Although, i still have a replacement for it, but it’s terrible


We have 2 weeks, so don’t worry


The only thing i’m worried about is that i might fuse away a few useful epics lmao


Just a thought, but wouldn’t the arena shop bonus effect the mech stats?

what if you’re a Rank 1 player with everything maxed in the arena shop, how will it be fair against a Rank 10 with 1-2 maxed?

I think I said this last time and I don’t remember an answer, and if it WAS answered then I missed it


when does the tournament start


After sign up end (actually after 2 weeks since announce)


i suggested some sort of mod upgrade compensation, but metre said he doesn’t care, rules are rules.


You can only change it during sign up.
Changeing it during tourny… kinda defeats the purpose of screenies and creativity of it.
It would be counterbuild roullette big time.


I opened 2 pb’s (because I didn’t have enough for PP’s), both comtained Legendary items when I needed Epics…Lol


Really? :man_facepalming:
Dude i said it is not allowed.
Build something in the area you have maxed, be it energy/heat/phis.
The only arena buff that kicks alot is the hp buff.
The others are by 2-3 in case of protectors.
And 5-10 in case of dmg/heat dmg/ drain dmg.
And that is when comparing 0%-20%.


Most GOAT participants were at rank 5 minimum, and rank 5-1 get the same amount of coins

It would make a difference, but not much will change


I need a system where whoever replies to me they automatically get a like…I need a break from doing the work (clicking a button)…


I kinda need that too


gap is bigger than you think.


We can’t do anything about it though

Since most players will have maxed the essential buffs, i think it is fine


Dude, chill with this thing.
We had new accounts that participated in the past with 30-100 arena points at most.
They went even thru r1s in first round.
It is about using what you got best… brain power, creativity and most important FUN.
I was even tempted to allow the retrear thing wepon, just so we can see mech flying around the arena.
You will be fine.
Chillax and train in the discord server.


i’m screwed because i was out for a long time, and joined sm after arena shop was introduced, so my arena shop is bad-ish, some GOAT players are even more screwed than me.