GOAT promo Video!


Greetings, Pilots,
Here is the invitation to watch the GOAT promo video for the upcoming GOAT! event. To watch the video, visit my YT channel:



i sent my goat mech to @El_Metre is he the one doing the registrations? Or is he competing?


El_Litre is the ultimate manager… He manages the ultimate…:smiley:


i am the Organizer, i am the one responsible for the missing GOATs, i wont compete, but i will be available for fun fighting during the event with those that didn’t make it further.
Also many thank to my dear friend @Mordulec for the time to make this visual and audible masterpiece, your intro voice was amazing a real Diana Krall…unbeliveble…


Great! Shared!..


@El_Metre my mecha is almost complete. I’m trying to tune some lil aspect of it, will be done after that.


A question that remained in the inkwell … after playing the first battle, can change something in mech, for ex. remove or add a module … change a weapon … etc …? ?


nope, you can’t change things this time, cause some people dont have alot of epics, plus counterbuilding for certain fights isn’t fair play.
That is where skill matters the most.
In future tournaments maybe we will add new things like that, but this time, let’s focus on the fun factor and skill.