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Congrats @Nemesis9


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congrats nemesis.

I think I’m starting to get a better feel for goat meta and what makes a decent goat mech.

hit me up when the next goat tourny starts.


And which is GOAT meta for you?

Maybe if I tell you how the GOAT came about … GOAT came up one afternoon that El Metre and me were talking. Then I told him that I was very disappointed with the game, that I was really tired of so many players with OP items and that it was very difficult to me and for many people to be in competition with that. I think he had the same problem with HP myth plates …

Then at 10 min. El Metre was putting a message here about a tournament he called GOAT, and whose meta was all the participants were in equal conditions, without OP items and that we demonstrated the ability to build and play as equals.

And that is really the meta of GOAT, to demonstrate the strategy, the ability to play, free from the condition of having OP items. Because with good items anyone is the King of Onion, but at GOAT you really see who are the best.


what I mean is I’m starting to understand better the differences between goat matches and regular matches is all, namely less heat and energy stats required and go pretty hard anti-phys and weapon turns become an issue a lot more often. I have a pretty good idea of what went wrong with my last mech and have some plans for what to do with my next.

didn’t mean any offense by using the word meta.


The same thing happened to me in my first GOAT … I was not used to playing with epics and I wasted a lot of HP placing modules.

Then I realized that at the epic level you donΒ΄t need as many heat or energy modules.

And another thing I learned is that this game behaves differently at the micro level than at macro level. Weapons that are good in mythical version are not so good at the GOAT lvl, and some items that in the update process only reach legendary or epic and which we generally despise, are very good for GOAT.


The funny thing about GOAT is that any build can win, trust me when i say, you can win using any build(that is made with creativity) can win others.
It really takes skill and strategy to make them shine, but my gosh is fun to watch and participate.
I look at GOAT matches with so much pleasure and i get excited, like a fan on his chair.
It is so beautifull so fun so exhilareting…for me atleast.



Sign me up in the next goat mach next time.
I will probably lose but who cares?
I’m just doing it for fun anyways!

By the way…
May i ask when is the next match?


That is the exact spirit of it!
Will do.


Thank you.


Exact. In the first GOAT I failed. In the following, I learned and won, so I kept the same construction in the last 3 GOAT. I won the second and third and I reached the final in fourth. I knew that Nemesis would win by resistance.

Perhaps for the next one I must modify something or think about a different type of build, maybe energy.


As Metre sees it

tenor (1)

As it really is.



No offense, but GOAT battles are much more exhilarating then one may tend to think.

The final with Wepwawet had me on the edge of my seat. Sure, Wepwawet’s build may be brute force, but it’s effective brute force.

I personally find GOAT battles much more fun than regular battles, especially when opponents are evenly matched.


sing me up!!!..


Sign my brother up…

You will be dissapointed by seing his mech lol


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