🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 GOAT IV 🐐🐐🐐 The Legacy Goes


Holy… congrats nemesis!
Next time,wepwawet


here’s their match :smile:



ah congratulate and bravo Nemesis9
well played wep

bravo all players goat

and always excellent el meter, thank you


It is legit!!!
An excelent match!
Congrats @Nemesis9!!!
You are the Champion!!!
Congrats Wep, you played excelent!
And the Winner Nemesis9, the new GOAT!
@Elcent can you do the honors and decorate our new GOAT?
Ps: Nemesis pls send your player ID to @Sarah247 so she can make your mech pretty, with the prized perk.


Goat tournament finally ended xd
So Nemesis is the winner.


Congrats @Nemesis9!


yay well there be another one soon this goat tournoment took 2 weeks to finish i think maybe longer
not trying to rush you but will there


A great honor for me to support the community and show the final fight from GOAT IV :

I proudly present the winner from GOAT IV … Nemesis9 :exclamation:
Well played - great performance !


And enjoy your new perk !



May i ask where is the full version?


What you mean :question:


Can this physical called it goat mech?It is without any upgrade!


The legs are legendary?


No,is also epic item


This one


There’s an annihilation hiding behind the redwall :eyes:


Yes,you say it right
This is my new goat building (without any epic upgrade)


Can I test with your goat mech later?


I was expacting a full fight.

My bad.


It is the full fight.


I know.
I though the vid was like…a vid failure.
Then i checked the replays and saw that it was same as bestys vid

My bad Besty.