🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 GOAT IV 🐐🐐🐐 The Legacy Goes


Well, the truth is not much confidence … because HP is not everything. Nemesis eg. has a mech very similar to mine, but with resistance and if I had to play vs. Nemesis, I’m going to need a lot of luck, I think …


Well I think you do not trust your mech because of the fear that a mech is kind of hot because it seems that your mech does not have much cooling … and does not have a very high heat bar either

meanwhile mine is absurdly balanced (I can fight physical mechs-Heat-energy without any problem)


@Ricemech88 Are you online? I’m ready.


yea I’m ready now
late for 2 minutes


Oh. . . I need to go to school. I’ll be available in 7 more hours


wait I go to sleep after 7 hours
wait for tomorrow…


What a thrill!!! This game of encounters and disencounters has me as the parrot in a wire!..


@El_Metre It appears @Ricemech88 and I have some troubles with timezones. . . Just as a heads-up, it might take us a bit of time to fight.

PS. (To Ricemech) Meet me in Top Ranks at 2:10 GMT if possible tomorrow.


I’m not here at 2 gmt…
ok if it possible to fight just pm me
(Meet me at 8:00 gmt if possible)


I’m online right now! Meet me in Top Ranks chat.


It has me like the guy in the 2nd video to be honest.


@Ricemech88 Are you online?

If we can’t meet today, I think our battle will need to be postponed to saturday (for the weekend).


eww true…
We always have a gap about 2-3 hours…


Come on @Ricemech88 Vs @Nemesis9, i wanna see that fight, make me happy.


I did some research,and found out they have about 12 hours difference :confused:
It’s 2 am in @Nemesis9’s country right now and 2 pm in @Ricemech88’s country


yeah they have the biggest Time zone diference.
They could meet over the weekend, like 10 am for Nemesis, and 10 pm for Rice.


Me stares at screen
Looks at goat perk
I wunt to win da goat tournament but I still nub to even pleh on it
lef is sed


@Ricemech88 Meet me in chat once the portal closes, and then, the battle will begin.


@Ricemech88 Are you ready? Meet me in Top Ranks. If you’re here. . .


yes, quick!