🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 GOAT IV 🐐🐐🐐 The Legacy Goes


No, look el meter says

I do not want rematch

it’s me, misunderstood


I am sorry bro, if i wasn’t to explicit about how things should be, i take it upon myself, that you missunderstood.
You fought great, and made incredible efforts, to build 2 GOATs, for that, my most respect for you.
Next time, i know you will do even better.


@Ricemech88 I’m online rn for ~30 minutes.


I’m late for 7 minutes…


I want 2v2 goat next season :eyes:


@LegacyMech… send me pm pls.


@Wepwawet i’ll send a pm soon…it’s 11:00 pm here and i’m really tired


Here is 12.40 pm now… we have only 11 hour difference…

if you want we can play at night (for me, to you morning). It´s my quietest hour. You tell me here when you are connected to the game, and try to find us at chat.



@Ricemech88 I’m back from school and on rn.


@LegacyMech… only tell me what hour u can play. Now is right to me if u can!


you’re on?ok…go to global chat…IGN is OmegaEmperor_627


GG :slightly_smiling_face:



The truth is that I accepted to play but with some misgivings, because I´m in a place of my home where connection is low.

And I was lucky, by moment I thought I was not going to achieve it.

Good battle, you´re a great mechs builder. I have seen others mechs you have and are very good too.


I had predicted that Wepwawet would win


And my next prediction is that we will win again wepwawet and never tire of winning with those 1,000 HP beasts
I hope someone makes a mech with 1,000 HP to earn him xD


yea I’m 1062 years old and wep is 1112 years old


Edited publication * Tos tos

Technical failure


I really haven´t the security you have… With every battle I play, I think I’m going to lose…

But regardless of who loses or who wins, what I really enjoy is that you allow me to join this group. I love this to share and interact between players of different levels, but all at the same level here.

That’s really what I enjoy most about this event.

The first time I played GOAT I lost in the first round, but I still followed it until the end. It enchanted me! And I still like it like the first one!


My goat mech only had about 800 HP and still had a lot of confidence
And you do not have confidence in your mech when you have 1,000 Hp?


hey anyone goat test