🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 GOAT IV 🐐🐐🐐 The Legacy Goes


Wait,lemme turn on the pc


Then how are you talking to me !?

I know you speak to me from another device xD




@Antonio_Ortega VS @LegacyMech = Win @LegacyMech!

Very good battle friend (Playing while you are slow the game is not the best option even so good battle!)

When you killed my goat mech it took me a while to think … after that I realized … I lost :v and then I told you GG


GG :slightly_smiling_face:
that was close!


@El_Metre,yes,of course I’ll look over @Ricemech88.
It was just 1 module after all and wouldn’t have affected anything.
Please,let him go further.

GG man.


thanks for your forgiven
I’m sorry for my bad attitude


Congrats Legacy!
Very close one, a very close one, these are the matches that keep me on the chair like a UFC match, exciting,fun, and twisty till the end.
Thank you @Antonio_Ortega and @LegacyMech for giving me one of those moments.
Congrats to you both!


Hmm. . .

When are the finals? We have our 4 contestants.

Just a quick win recap:

Antonio v. Legacy -> Legacy
Nemesis9 v. Misfit -> Nemesis9
Grosbite v. Wepwawet -> Wepwawet
L4K3 v. RiceMech -> RiceMech


I’m rooting for you mate :kissing_heart:


Looks like i’m the weakest of the four


Grosbite against wep, it’s me wins


Pilots and Pilotess, it is with great honnor that I announce the end of Round 3, with some of the greatest matches i have seen, and the begining of The Semi-Finals:
Round 3 Results:
Antonio vs Legacy Winner Legacy
Nemesis9 vs Misfit Winner Nemesis9
Grosbite vs Wepwawet Winner Wepwawet
L4K3 vs RiceMech Winner RiceMech
LegacyMech Vs Wepawep
Nemesis9 Vs RiceMech.
GOAT Time!
Best of luck.


Gross you lost against Wep, i saw the replay.


Behave Ricy, or i will match you with Wep.


Will you ever shut up,kid?
You ain’t interesting.People win and lose,wth.

You haven’t conquered no planet with that win.
Just take it,get over it and try to win for God’s sake.


He is just kidding around, buy him some icecream and make up.
I’ll buy you a beer if you do that.


Now let’s get it On, i ordered pizza and a 6pack for tonight, for me to enjoy your fights, like a UFC fight night.


really? I thought I won, she left in the end fight


She won the first mech, even if you had 2 GOAT mechs set for 2V2, only the first fight counts.
But i really liked your setup, briliant, absolutly genius, bro.
The fights take place in 2v2 format, but you only fight with the first mech, the GOAT mech, it is still a 1v1 fight, but we fight in 2v2 , so we can watch the replays.
You fought like a pro as always, my respects and congratulation on it, bro.