🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 GOAT IV 🐐🐐🐐 The Legacy Goes


oohooh finally you here


@Ricemech88 vs @L4K3
I won
but a mistake I change my heat module into a energy one
@El_Metre is it ok
or a rematch?

ps: @L4K3’s goat mech is a heat one


Lmao L4K3 is rekt again by ricemech


No,you take the win.
No point in a rematch as it won’t affect anything.
Good job.
As my excuse,I am at prep and rushed to finish the match while the teacher was looking at me,but it looked like I only made one or two minor mistakes.Even so,you wouldn’t beat me anyways.

"Say goodbye to your perk’’ and

How cool of you…

Get outta here already.


Yeah,yeah,we get it.


“Say goodbye to your perk” etc etc.
I have just realized how you really are…
Shut up already.
Take your win,maybe the perk and grow the hell up.


don’t be mad to me
I’m really sorry to you for doing that


How to play it the goat?


You are really, REALLY late.


No,I mean how to play it?


If he/she is winner,what can get reward?


The GOAT perk.AND fame.
Search wepwawet’s build and watch replays of the phys battles, you will see a wierd torso. That is the goat perk.


A Goat torso perk; you can see it on the previous winners’ mechs, grosbite, Wepwawet, and Splatter.

You’ll also be granted the title of whichever number the tournament is and GOAT (Eg. 4th GOAT for this tournament).

To participate, wait for a tournament. You’ll then need to build a mech using only epics and below. To officially be in, you would have to post your GMT and IGN on the sign-up thread and PM El_Metre with your build.


My humble opinion is that in the case of Ricemech vs. L4K3, since it isn´tt allowed to modify the build, Ricemech could be disqualified.

But since the change was a mistake and didn´t really favor Ricemech and anyway he won the battle, as an exception and only for this time, battle should be played again with the correct compilations.

Let’s see what @El_Metre says about it…


Rules are rules.
Ricemech, you know that changing the build means disqualification, i can understand that it was a honest mistake, and not an intentional and flagrant one, so i ask @L4K3 can you forgive him? And allow for a second chance and a rematch, or should i disqualify him?


I…don’t know,man.
I kinda lost my hopes for this one.
I would leave that choice up to you,as I’m not in any posture to decide wether you should pair us again or disqualify him.(even so,he beat me without a heat engine so I doubt there would be a chance for me to win when he does equip one).

But that isn’t my problem as I could play again with no problem if you though that would be the best course of action.
My problem is his attitude that,in the most honest way possible,made me a little sick.


@Ricemech88, if L4k3 forgives you you can progress further,or rematch.
BUT remember that this is a friendly tournament, that is ment to bind and bring people toghether as a comunity.
It is based on mutual respect and friendlyness, and moat important thing in it is to have FUN.
While you may best someone in it, if you dont respect the MOTO of this tournament : “Humble in victory, Graceful in defeat”, your place here, is not.
This goes for evrybody thay enters this tournament, if you can’t be nice and friendly, best stick to the ladder.
This tournament is a total diferent thing then the clan/personal rivalry that accurs in ladder.
So @L4K3, @Ricemech88 let’s shake hands and keep things in the GOAT fun spirit, ok?


The time is ticking Lake…


@LegacyMech Yesterday I waited for you a long time so I had to leave because I was bored but good today I will be connected for a long time (By that I mean many hours)


Well, come back, do we fight?