🐐 🐐 The GOAT IV Sign Up 🐐 🐐


1v1 replays are broken? Oh no


I can’t tell if it’s only me, but my brother has the issue as well.

Would advise anyone who does participate to do 2v2 but only use your goat mechs.

And to see if they’ve got the issue as well, it should pop up upon viewing any 1v1 fight. (only saw it happen to 3v3 twice, so idk if that’ conclusive enough).


I think I understand broken replays now.the dmg is late 1 action.that’s why replays are not finished because the opponent already lost but replays show that the opponent still has health.
For the push/pull,I don’t understand it.


i would like to sign up


IGN, and your GMT time and you are sign in.


is anyone down to do some pre-tourny testing? I have two builds I’m thinking of and can’t decide between them


IGN : TechnoDesu
GMT : +2


seems a lot of players here…
the goat will be last for a long time a guess


it will be great…the best :goat: till now.
And this is all thanks to the comunity.


i’d like to try out my mech!
i only have 1 tho so i want to see how effective it is


IGN: Yeet
GMT: -5


Gmt: +1
Ign: UchihaMadara


IGN : velvetanubi

Timezone : GMT+1


who wants to try out their mech? anyone?


no blyat


I don’t have time…maybe next time


oh well… i’ll be improving it then… till then


Who will win the nice GOAT perk this time?..




no you won’t, my GOAT mech is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)