🐐 🐐 The GOAT IV Sign Up 🐐 🐐


yes… hahah xD


Do not use any legendary, mythical, legacy items in your builds.


Oh. I missed that last part. I just read the legendary and myth part like a clutz.


Check your name


Go to configurations towards the info slot then down it will be your id (Explain well?)


@Winz_Kay what do you mean.


Also, why do you see my words in spanish, @Antonio_Ortega?


Ugh technical problems …


What do you mean what do you mean?


2 days farming, only got 2 goat items…


hey, anyone want to test mechs for the tournament?



This text will be blurred


Can it be all myth and legendary or just epics


What do you think? @PlagueKnight


I was just to last to read okay got it


Just epics lvl 1 max. Common and rare tier items can be upgraded, but not the epic tier ones.
At that lvl the items are the most balanced in the game, and the rarity factor of them is equal.
This is what makes it a skill and creativity tournament, instead of just plain luck.
Plus it really shines in the fun factor department.
“Its all about the skill… the skill… no drama, all 'bout the ingenuity…the 'genuity… no myth plates… no drama”


more then 3 weeks?
We will see how things develope, at the end of the signup.
You can also make some items, from common, all the way to epic…costs a pretty penny, but the epic plate can be done like that, and some of the wepons too… most shotguns, the malice/corupt lights are from rare tier.


This is the first time I’m entering a GOAT tournament. Currently working on my GOAT mecha.

IGN: Zamilus

ID: 30791246

Timezone: UTC+08:00

See ya.


Yay! I’m curious to try this!

IGN: Spaddel



El, I would like to voice a problem with running the G.O.A.T.

As of the 2v2 update, I’ve noticed that most if not all 1v1 and 3v3 replays are broken. I don’t know if this affects everyone, but if it does, it may prove to be difficult in determining who fairly won a fight.

IE since most replays break mid way and say one person won when it was the other who won

or when they fire on each other and get knocked back, without taking damage, weapons that don’t cause KB causing it etc

(really wishing they’d fix that, miss watching the 1v1s lmao)