🐐 🐐 The GOAT IV Sign Up 🐐 🐐


Its against the ToS and would you like to grind to get all the epics possible :wink:


@El_Metre It would fit this name to this tournament (Tournament of the goat the resurrection) ok no


I knew you’d say that, so eh. And I’ve done it before, wouldn’t be a hassle (hell I wouldn’t be bored with this game doing that).


I would not play this tournament with the entire store …


Was an ideea.
You know when you aint certain about it… and need feedback from others.
Different opinions, are the way to greater things


At what the usual drop rates are…
I still play on my kong account… 1 epic/day…
Would need 16 days to get something resembeling a mech…


That’s why I mentioned giving people more time to find parts.

But eh, seeing as not everyone wants to bother farming again (I can understand why). It’s a dead idea.

Really they should give us the option to turn off the store (and back on if you wish). For stuff like this.


If fighting with someone who will have an advantage for the store is really … (cheating) so technically we are all disqualified


Really you fear a +16 dmg buff( at 20%)… or +8drain dmg, or +6 heat dmg? At 20 % buff?


wow… cool
i got tons of epics! (just for fusing, but they will be useful now!)


Does anyone know how to find their IG ID?


should appear in settings i think… im not sure


account information,where you watch for news


found it…


Setting > Info > ID. if u want the player one, there is also the other when u look at leader boards. the 4 digit one.


IG Name: Yuo Echo
IG ID: 28930004
GMT: +12

My mech will arrive soon as well


GMT +2


how do you find gmt?


Internet, bro. :wink:

Also, I’m up for GOAT fight atm if anyone wants it.


type your country name and then gmt