🐐 🐐 The GOAT IV Sign Up 🐐 🐐


Good luck!! :smiley:


Pa ti también!!!..


lol… I liked it more when said “cheaters will be disqualified and exposed to public embarrassment” :smiling_imp:


I wonder what other prize they will give in addition to the decoration goat I would like them to give them to the 3 final participants or to 1 place they give the decoration of the goat and to the 2 participants something more like 50 tokens :crazy_face:


That has never happened. What is given is the GOAT perk and the badge in forum.

By itself, the GOAT perk is great. Think that among the thousands of players only are 3 that we have (and now it will be 4 …)


And that will be me! (Joke)


Wow did not know that they award a badge :slight_smile:


I think that this tournament should not exist because the store is not entirely fair … and making that clear, I want to participate


What is these goat stuff about but I want in


Read the rules,sir…


Build a mech using lvl 1 epic items,common and rare items(commons and rares can be upgraded)


What so no myth why my mech is going to cry


Your opponents also have the same item rarity as you…


Man I guess I could try I might suck


You don’t have to… it’s voluntary


Okay well will try I guess


It’s actually way more interesting than you’d think. The maximum rarity of epic means no leg+ items to make things difficult, and a huge amount of build options.


And if i may add, it is fair since all wepons/module/torsos/legs are available to evrybody.
And at the epic lvl, all items are actualy usefull, no useless things, and no OP items. Evrybody has the exact same chances with the exact same things.
It is very fun.


Allowing any sort of changes based on arena points could be unfair either way :confused: not sure there is a proper way to even it out sadly.


oh then thats fine mythicals for life


You could have people make new accounts (heavily watched) and moderate those, because they can’t abuse arena points. That and whoever wins gets the perk* on their main (they’ll need more time to achieve items though).

perhaps? maybe?