🐐 🐐 The GOAT IV Sign Up 🐐 🐐


socialmisfit1 - 3276490 signing up,

will send you a build shortly.


weren’t you suposed to be the +/-0GMT, or you moved to “Duckedville Ducked to the bone” district?


GMT: +8
IGN: unknown
Id: 9727865
I will finish the build next week


We need to post full player id number ?


IGN: Agent Washington
Time Zone: EST (GMT-4:00)

Yes, I know I used to be Freckles the Magic Mech. I spent 100 tokens to change my name, this isn’t an alt. Just so you know :smile:

P.S. I am SO glad I saved my GOAT mech!! I always knew we could count on you @El_Metre

I’ll edit this post with my ID when I get the chance.


I’ll sign up!
I’ll send the build within this week

I already have my GOAT mech ready,i’m just too busy to take screenshots(i’m in a PC)


GMT 0 yeah lol


Nickname and last digits is more then ok.
So we can safely id you… and tag and bag you accordingly.


I have a lot of nicknames … None which will survive flagging

Gmt -5
Player 4646

I will get smashed but can practice with unknown


I hate you now. That was one of my preferred IGN :cry:


Awwww… I’m sorry. It’s just that nobody gets the reference. I feel like Agent Washington is more well known than Caboose’s second-best friend…


It was a good name in anycase, I mean, you had a magic mech! :mage:

Sorry for the OT btw :slightly_smiling_face:


I have joined good luck everybody.


IGN : Yas
Time Zone : GMT +4

We should not fuse epics ? Right

Signing up…


Nope, lvl 1 epic max atm.


GMT +3


Well… since everyone is signing up without their mechs, I might as well do the same

IG Name: WinzKay
IG ID: 29545878
GMT: +12

Mech will arrive soon


Ig Name: Scarlet Dragonfly
ID: 14631079
GMT: -6

@El_Metre I have my mech since the other tournament ended xD

I hope that in this tournament I won !!


I have to start building almost 0.

But something will come out! Whatever in order to be there!

Register me of course.


Me too,I’m taking part in this for the second time.
I’ll come up with a mech build one of these days.