🐐 🐐 The GOAT IV Sign Up 🐐 🐐

Hear thy, hear thy.
Pilots and Pilotess, it is with great honnor that I announce The Forth Edition of the GOAT Tournament, the single most prestigious and challanging tournament in SM history.
Dear possible participants of this event, here is what you have to do:
Enter your ingame name, and your GMT hour (so the Organizer places you with someone close to u).
You will be then put into a tournament here on forum.
This is the sign-up phase of the tournament.
After this is over, and we have our participants.
The participants have to submit their builds, screenshots(torso,wepons,utility,modules) of the builds they will use, to the Organizer.
They will be analysed so that no rules are broken.

The tournament is piramidal.
Build a mech using only lvl 1 epic, rare, common items.
Fight the designated opponent for advancement.
Do not use any legendary, mythical, legacy items in your builds.
Do not upgrade your items over lvl 1 epic (rares and commons can be upgraded)
There is time frame in which you have to fight your opponent, 48h i think should be enough.
The winner advances to fight again.
The loser can still participate for fun, with others that have lost.
Cheating means disqualification.

Have fun.
This is meant to be a clean, creative, and skill based tournament… but most important FUN.
Also if you have an ideea for improving the fun factor, gameplay, feel free to post it here.

PS: Thank you all for makeing this happen, these tournaments could’t have taken place if I wouldn’t have had your support as a comunity.
PS II : We can talk about the impact the Arena Points have on this Tournament

  1. I feel that due to the fact that most wepons used in this tournament are lowish in terms of dmg, the heat dmg, energy dmg, are also lowish:
    1.1 highest dmg weapon in this tournament is : rapid destruction with a dmg of 72- 118, that meens if you dial in the 20%(assumed since i dont think anybody has that), the dmg will become 91- 137.
    1.2 highest energy drain weapon in this tournament is : malice beam, with a drain of 41, augmented by a 20%(assume since the same reasson as above), goes to 48 drain dmg.
    1.3 highest heat dmg wepon in this tournament is : corupt light, with a heat dmg of 31, augmented by 20%(assumed), goes up to 37 heat dmg
    1.4 the heat and energy caps, are also going up a bit, thus providing a better protection against heat and energy builds.
    1.5 unfortunatly there is no Arena upgrade to compensate the increase in dmg, but that is not of such a major impact, since all dmgs are increased.
    the impact of them on 800-900 hp mechs,that is the average of what i have seen in builds, these do not influence that much as it does on fully mythed builds.
  2. It will kinda send the signed up players, to incline their builds towards what aspect was augmented the most in the Arena Points, thus i feel that this will influence the freedom of the builds a bit. But i think we can overcome it.
  3. The matches will be faster, due to the fact that dmg has increased, yet hp remains the same.
  4. The sign up will remain open for 2 weeks, so that you guys can gather your needed items to build the mech you want.
  5. Another week can be granted after sign up, to further allow player to tune in their builds, due to the fact that evry type needs certain items for their builds.
    PS2: It is my great pleasure to have this tournament, and i am happy if you guys like it, and want to be a part of this. I have to thank @Sarah247, @Elcent, for their suport on this, and i hope not to let you guys down, because you guys actualy deserve the best that can be done in this comunity.
    With humbleness and joy, yours El Metre

Wtf… after your retirement I dismantled my GOAT mech and used it’s good parts

Thank you though for opening it up again

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wait…no more goat…wait…goat IV…
I destroyed my goat mech after I though goat will never come out…

when the GOAT IV will start?

In 3 weeks if I understood correctly

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It would have never come, if it wasn’t for Elcent and Wep.
Then i thought, this isnt mine, it belong to the comunity, it belongs to the players that have suported the ideea, that trust me to make it, and i owe it to them, and to Sarah, who fought for it in for of the devs, and managed to get us the GOAT perk.
So i had to do it, becaus you guys deserve it, and i also like watching the matches, it is like a mini UFC series, but with mechs :slight_smile:
Ps: 2-3 weeks to gather the parts i think is ok to get the GOAT you want in fighting form.


The timing is perfect… My school 2 week term break starts next week.

Although if the devs can chuck in a premium box/pack sale…that would be perfect


but the problem is arena shop upgrade make the battle unfair…

Does it work in friendly battles in chat?

I tried

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it may seem so, but like i said, the bonuses dont impact as much as on fully fused mechs.
The bigest dmg bonus is 18, to rapid destruction, on mechs that average 800-900 hp, they don’t impact that much.
Same as for heat and energy drain dmg… the increases are around 6-8 more heat or drain dmg.


can I use my other acc with a lot epic items?
when finished ( if I won )send the goat perk into my main acc?

that needs to be aproved by Elcent and Sarah… but i think in 2-3 weeks you can gather all the needed stuff to build the GOAT mech you want.
An ideea: we can counter the effect of the Arena Points and the impact that they might have on a GOAT build, by allowing the use of 1 epic myth plate to be leveled, and 1 module/heat or energy to be also leveled, just an ideea.


hell yeah , im feeling lucky this season.

Sign me in Cumatru :wink:

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Gata Nepoate’, pai se poate sa nu ti bagam si pi(3,1416) tine olecutza :wink:


GMT: -4

IGN: Nemesis9


Sadly don’t have time to prepare a Goat Mech and I’m also quite behind in arena points…

Good luck to all those that enter :slight_smile:

Now you tell me? I scrapped my GOAT mech.

Easy bro, in 3 weeks you get the build up and running.
Plus i promise you all GOAT will never die, so your builds will be good for the future.
@Elcent the impact of arena points isnt that big in this tourny… +18 max dmg is not like 60-80 dmg on full myth wepons. That can be countered in many ways. Plus i think you can squeez a couple of matches for the fun of it.
Ps: what about if we allow 1 epic plate to be leveled, and 1 module heat or energy to be leveled too, so that this can negate the Arena buff?

aah cool return goat IV, it makes you think rambo IV

we will see to register, I have a small vacation problem