🐐 🐐 The GOAT is ON.Come and GOAT it. 🐐 🐐


GOATcycle Race!!!


And Pilots and Pilotess.
It is my honnar to anounce the winner of our little tournament!!!
And let me tell you it was an incredible skillfull match.
It is legit, with a clear win on the move of teleport and stomp that assured his victory.
Also in the mean time, a very nice win of Scymus on Elcent.
I can only say tha has been an incredible honnor to have organised this, to be a part of this, and to have seen such display if skill and creativity.
Congrats to you all, you have made me a happy camper.
But without any more words:
And it is my great honnor, to call thy:
THE FIRST :goat: GOAT :goat:



This is Great!!! Congrats Sebas!!!

and Thank you Metre!

Rgds. Goats!! See you at the next tournament!

Bye bye!!


Congratulations to Grosbite and to all participants of the first GOAT tournament
Thank you El Metre for the idea, the organization and support


It was just an ideea, this is all your work.
Special thanks to @Malicewolf, for the graphics, to @Elcent for the moral and organisation suport, to @Sarah247 whom pulled the right strings to get us here.
And most of all to @ALL you great guys, that made it happen.
I am the one that owes a great THANK YOU!


And the prize is…


Well the prize consists of 2 parts:

  1. A special perk that the winner can wear on his mechs :
  2. A special title that he will have in the forum if he chooses to β€œ1st GOAT”
  3. My personal β€œThank you” to you all guys.


thank you wep :gentle_smile: :slight_smile:


Vous etes le champion! Tres bon! Congratulations Grosbite.


merci joey :slight_smile:


et dire que notre combat c’est jouer Γ  19 pv… @grosboss


can i see a video of the final match?


nice one @grosboss good try @Elcent


Congratulations @grosboss.

Thanks for organizing this tournament @El_Metre.


hey @elcent what did you get for coming second anything?


Fun… All us got fun!


merci oliboy, jomz:)


oh yeah… i forgot to say congrats to the winner :slight_smile:


GOAT is gone? I have my GOAT mecha stored, but it’s starting feeling like a dead weigth :sweat_smile:


For my part, I also disarmed my Goat, needed the items to upgrade.