🐐 🐐 The GOAT is ON.Come and GOAT it. 🐐 🐐


Thank you, great fight!


It is legit.
Winner by way of skill… Scymus.
Congrats Scymus.
And congrats to GeNal.
Great fight guys.


is it the final now :fearful:


Yep… we have reached the final stage?
3 finalists :
These are the GOATest of the GOATS.
But in the end there can be only ONE…


By the GOAT!!! … How much emotion !!! I can not stand until tomorrow!


thanks for the video I had time without seeing it … thanks is the best of this topic


yay for @Elcent go for it

you can beat them


Well Pilots and Pilotess, we have our finalists:
These are the GOATest of the GOATS.
So we move to the final round, this is a free for all, that means evrybody fights evrybody.
So let’s get it on!
First match :
Elcent Vs Scymus.
2nd match:
Grosbite Vs Elcent.
3rd match :
Scymus Vs Grosbite.
The winner will be the one that gets 2/3 wins.
Good luck GOATs.


gagner vs elcent bien jouer Elcent


omg!!! Nice job!!!

Congrats…!!! :goat: :wine_glass:


thanks wep next against Scymus i think he’s strong


Nice event, it seems very cool
I’ll try to sign up for the next one…off course if you organise a next one :slight_smile:


Yes, it will be. You have to put the batteries!

Both are very good! Whoever wins, will not win by much.


Bien joué ma GrosseTeub :wink:


I will also register :slight_smile:


It is legit.
Winner by way of skill…GROSBITE.
Congrats GrossBoss.
Very well played Elcent, almost had him.


It is a comunity event the whole of the comunity piched in to make it happen, and you are more then welcomed to the next one.
We will organize a new one, after we sum up this one, and see where can be worked to be made more fun.
in the meen time why not GOAT around with the others for practice.
Make a GOAT mech and start GOATing ;).


thank you in meter yes he would have won, I was lucky


Good news
I need to finish my build…but when i’m ready, let’s GOATing!!!


it is a very strong song. I like it alot.
Maybe next time, you participate and you can have it dedicated to you :wink: