🐐 🐐 The GOAT is ON.Come and GOAT it. 🐐 🐐


@ImmortalHunter I am awake it’s 7 40 am . I have classes in 40 min will be on and off all day though. I hope we catch each other. If we don’t you can have the win I will compete next week. .
Im willing to goat around with anyone though that would like to.
My goat is not great but it’s really fun

:heartpulse: :heartpulse:


Bring it on, Tox! I am logging in!


Send PM to him, Toxic…


I did @Wepwawet as soon as i got on. But thank you for your advice :heart:
He also sent me one.


it’s just a matter of time be for you lovely kids go for a dance :slight_smile:


I am in game now @Mordulec


GG <3 Next week my goat will be a little better my torso now does nothing for me and I would like to get a heat shotgun.


i think i pm you in sm


only got one from Mordulec


I lost gg Immortal next week I will be stronger haha <3
got to get to class gg guys


gg and good luck next time :wink:


I cannot see the replay yet …

Edit: I already saw it!! good work both. All these battles are almost tie


Yep legit.
And the WINNER by the way of skilling… IMMOOOORTALHUNTEEEER.


Done… funny funny…!

Scymus beat me!!

Congrats @scymus…!! Good job!! :slight_smile:


Yep legit.
And the WINNER by way of skill…SCYSMUS!!!


Thank you @Wepwawet - nice mech, great fight, 2hp left - pure luck !


Thank you :exclamation:

Next time I can let you win :grey_exclamation:



name is scymus, not scySmus

(just a little correction)


To you with alll my loving:


Should that be an insult or just your usual confusion, which is normal with your age ?