🐐 🐐 The GOAT is ON.Come and GOAT it. 🐐 🐐


I got to find more epic health plates… :expressionless: hahahaha…


in campaign you get common and rare HP plates, and you can raise them to epics … it does not cost much. try the first mission, the ramboy, you have more possibilities.


Thanks. I had to upgrade the plate I had for my GOAT last week for my main… hehehe…


It will be next week also.
I know you guys like it.
@jomz you can still GOAT around on the side of the tournament with the guys that lost, it is fun.
Find them in game and play for fun.


Yeah I know it is a bit inconvinient atm with this sistem of drafts… but i know you are smart guys and can sinc for 5 mins and have a go at it.


This is also a great learning opportunity for building better mechs.

Yes, in support of the GOAT tournament, I am hanging around Global chat taking on challengers and teaching them the ways of the GOAT. :slight_smile:


Hey all, win vs morduclec


Congrats, and it was legit.
wins by way of better skill and moves one! Goss moves on.


thank you, I can not wait to see the result :slight_smile:


will get to the 2nd round, see how things are.
Fun right?


very :slight_smile: would need final phase charthttp://www.lanobs.net/interface/ressources/winners.gif



What did i missed? And does the tournament already started?


Yes!! Toxic was looking for you last night. You have to agree with Toxic to play your battle.

Toxic time is -5 UTC and you are +4 UTC (Swiss?). You are 9 hours apart.


mmmkay, btw my time zone is GMT +1. Why are you guys calling me at 2:30 am ? ._.


GTM +1…?? Fine! 6 hours apart


List of couples…


Soo… i have to fight against toxic… is she online?
And what should i do after that?


Win, you get to 2nd round, lose… and you goat around with the rest of us :goat:


She is probably resting now. Try to meet in the game chat, or here.

You can leave a private message to her here in the forum.

Scysmus left me a private message here and we agreed.