🐐 🐐 The GOAT is ON.Come and GOAT it. 🐐 🐐


@ToxicDoll and @El_Metre thank you both for our exiting fights! Gonna be around this thread to see how the tournament will go and mebbie GOATing some more times!


I need the practice I only got 2 matches with @El_Metre to test my goat and a bunch of campaign but it is not the same as 1v1.


Sure thing bro, i go to sleep now.
You guys enjoy it to the fullest, i am happy that you like it.


Don’t worry, practice take some time.
Be proud of your :goat:
And remember it is not the fighting :goat: that counts it is the fight in the :goat: that counts.
Have fun


@Wepwawet your opponent is on.


:heart: I love this I wish they made a league where only epics and lower could fight… Like a goat server… Thank you @ShadowOfDeath for letting me test my goat with you :heart:



see above, I’ve sent you an inbox for when I’m free for the battle :slight_smile:


Hi!! someone else played?

I repeat list of couples, which is a bit lost:


Ah… my Goat didn’t make it in time…

I would have been able to play today, too.

I lacked a cooling module and I had to tweak some weapons, but didn’t make the cut.

In any case, may the best GOAT win!



The idea is that there will be another next week. Let’s see how this comes out …



I better start gathering parts. :slight_smile:


@ImmortalHunter im going to be off soon. are you on? Sorry @Wepwawet i did not mean to quote you I was copying his name.


I choose 11
This is my epic mech



is that already for this tournament the list was made, tournament has already started.

Anyway, wait a few hours for El Metre to return, maybe if a player is missing he can place you… I don´t know…


I was able to communicate with Scymus, we stayed for tomorrow.

Immortal Hunter has another nickname in game … now I cannot remember which one…

Edit: is"!Inmortal Hunter" too. He is in TROLLS FAST clan


Yeah it is hunter something he is very active in the forums so I hope to catch him tomorrow or later tonight if I can’t sleep. Thank you <3


He has Swiss flag… now 2.30 am in Swiss


Yeah unfortunately I am on the east coast in the US and its is 8;22pm here haha.


I am in Global lobby… Anyone want to GOAT it? :slight_smile:


Come on…