🐐 🐐 The GOAT is ON.Come and GOAT it. 🐐 🐐


Here I am - ah those 20 characters ;D


and we have our first bout! may the best GOAT win …:goat:


Wanna fight right now? Just logged, my IGN is Splatter like here!


Is this his name??? @ImmortalHunter you got me you on?


@El_Metre I’ve lost, you can check our replay but I’m pretty sure it’s all right (:


@ImmortalHunter I think you are my match… are you on?


Great game Splatter, exciting and close call - respect !


yep, it is legit, if there is no challange to the wepons and lvls, it is all good.
And the winner, is GeNal, by way of better skills. Congrats!


@El_Metre what if my guy dont come on do we both lose?


Uffff… it was technical tie! very evenly matched


nope, @ImmortalHunter, he is pretty active, leave him a pm on forum. If there one of the players doesn’t show up within 24 h… the other player wins.


Nope, any challange! This GOAT is a really nice idea, it was pretty good fighting this way. Too bad my run is already finished :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


nope… you won… but you have 24 hours!

I think mine is sleeping now…


i stand by if you wanna have fun still, as a sparing partener.
Any of you can GOAT around once you entered this tournament, you are all GOATS :slight_smile:
But not against the direct oponent.


you want to goat with me @Splatter till my guy comes on since you are out now?


Gonna try both of you @El_Metre and @ToxicDoll; my IGN is Splatter as said above!


I found you I am toxic in game


I am not sleeping !



Mine is sleeping too. since we all can watch replays it dont matter if we goat around though … All you have to do is watch @El_Metre’s replay and you can see my goat haha. This is really fun!!


:goat:New moto: We be GOATing around sometime? :goat: