🐐 🐐 The GOAT is ON.Come and GOAT it. 🐐 🐐


I wouldn’t be in a rush to do that.
You may never know when the GOAT jumps the fence. Could be sooner then you think


here is my mech forgive @El_Metre If you find me a place to fight I would appreciate it :slight_smile:


eh I finish the competition? : 'v


Has grosbite received his perk? I haven’t seen him with it.


Hey, do I finish the duels?


no, i have not received perk goat


You soon will.
Pm @Sarah247 your Ingame ID, so it can be given.
My bad, cause i forgot to ask for it.
Sorry bro


Makes me think it would be really cool if the devs added a mode in which only epic items can be used. I suppose the player base is small enough that they don’t want to take people away from regular matches online though.


it’s done, thank you my friend


@grosboss what did you get ?




I have not yet received


perk horn and goatee or torso ??


The “pharaonic” beard would be great !!..


horn like holliboy movies will be great


The 2 things are symbols of authority …


на скриншоте внизу 3 пушки. Где ты взял такие?


Its a perk that over lays your torso a bit like the pumpkin.

Would you mind sharing the winning mech? :slight_smile: would be good for others to see what they are up against :stuck_out_tongue:


I do not mind sharing the winning mech, yes it would be great to see the other players :slight_smile:


Are we ever going to goat again? This was one of the few fun things I have done in the game in a while…
2nd part- my goat is taking precious space if we are not going to do this again I want to feed it to my other mechs to free up space.