🐐 🐐 The GOAT III Sign Up 🐐 🐐


Blacky, come to this topic:

and to the discord server.




I join it mate
Thank for your invite


We would like more people interested in GOAT to join. :smile:


@El_Metre bro i’m in the server already
what else should i do ?


I can’t join the server for some reason


Here is fixed invite


Goat test please G to global or top ranks


You on?
I’ll go.


Yup go to global
Top ranks or both


Global english.


I can enter? It seems funny, when does it start?


my ingame name is (UNKNOWN)Pharoah and my time zone is est


I’m in please . Gmtβ€”////////------/ -8


Oliver your country is next to mine … your gmt is +1.
Or you signing up for kangoo.
Anyway, GOAT isnt yet open, will take the sign ups on the oficial topic.


Why I been doing all this practicing then? I am kangaroos secretary…


First we needed to test and decide if the new drones and wepons would unbalance the GOAT.
And you had fun practicing.


I say face shock and heat point yes. Emp and heat bomb no. And no on short ranger . I have fought many styles . Those weapons drag down the format. Rangers would be for all phys energy etc .


Can you invite me again?@Winz_kay