Go Vote for the Mope.io Poll

I dont care if you play the game, go on Youtube and type in Mope.io Official. Go under Community and vote Yes for new game Modes. They need 5.7k voters that say yes to bring them back. The poll started yesterday and there is already 1.8k that voted yes.

This is the link if you want to play the game—>http://mope.io/

  • I voted in the Poll
  • I didn’t vote in the poll

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What did you vote

  • Yes
  • No

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My YouTube account can’t do that.

I also plugged the game in the comment I made so be prepared for some new players to pop up

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I dont play mope.io, not ever since the scorpion update, i play Surviv.io and Moomoo.io, and im also the hacker killers.

i play mope.io but its boring now my fav game’s : Surviv.io , Super Mechs , And Agar.io

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I play agar.io, zombesroyale.io, mope.io, and diep.io