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Minor irritation but is anyone else fed up with having to close the global chat window every time you log on? There is a button to open it so I don’t understand why the default is for it to be open.

Global Chat Window Poll

Add a poll, I could change the default. To be honest though, I kind of like it… From my perspective, it encourages newer players to come out and ask something!


Thanks Alexander. How do I create a poll please?





Thanks but I do not have that option - maybe because I am new to the forum.

Could you start a poll for me?



try now :slightly_smiling_face:


Wait…mjs? Did you play in USA alliance at all, fantasy 2?


My vote is no.
Exactly as @Alexander stated it serves as a medium for new players to ask questions. I myself have helped many guys who were seeking help on GC. I have went to the extend of making colonies on that server if required to help them and then pass them on to AANC/BDA.


Hi Yeet, yes, I have played a couple of times with you.



Hi Alex. Seems majority are in favour of the window not opening on start up. I emphasize again, this is not a suggestion that the window is deleted, merely that it should be opened by people who want to view it using the on-screen button. Cheers. Mike

  • Global Chat window should not open by default when logging on.
  • Global Chat window should open by default when logging on.

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i like chatting with everyone in the global chat. it is a must look every time i log in!


Excel, I am not suggesting that the global chat window is discontinued. Just that it does not open automatically when logging in. There is a button to open it manually so I am saying that is sufficient.