Global chat shows offline clan members? Why?


I dont like this!
When my clan members are offline, before leaving if they leave msg than names aapear in global chat. Although they are offline.
That’s creates confusion, between offline/online members. Thats annoying.
I dont see any logic behind, though i think 10min before post.


The general functions of chat, battle invitations and private messages is bugged. I HAVE NEVER managed to contact any player through the chat or private chat, and most often battle invitations are bugged and no one sees them… But it’s been like couple of years in this shape, so no use writing about it… Just deal with it…


Why so negative ?

  • online clan members are shown wrong in chat list (green names / as you mentioned)
    ^^ since years

  • ranking list (what we ALL play for) is shown wrong, first days of tournament even Top10 are shown wrong, depending on which rank you are self, it shows different rankings from player to player
    ^^ since years

  • online ranking list is shown wrong, it shows also who WAS online with a delay
    ^^ since years

  • single ranking list shows since an update in new version 2 times the wins in 2 different columnes
    ^^ since first update from new version

  • pm cannot be send in clan chat (as @Mordulec mentioned), it works only if you use the clan members list in chat list
    ^^ since around 1 year

  • chat “swollows” sentences, also in pm, depending were you move to in the game, so you only see all written if you STAY there in that chat / pm
    ^^ since years

  • chat throw you back to workshop every 2 - 3 minutes (or even faster) DURING you are writing, so you need to repeat written again and again, cos it got deleted
    ^ thats the only chat in the whole www / internet that throw you out DURING writing
    ^^ since years

Why so negative ?

That all will be fixed very soon - I think, I HOPE, I guess, I would wish !

^^ You see, very positive I am !